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Saikat Das

Mr. Das is a Lead Senior Marine Engineer at Marine Design and Operations, Inc. He is involved in a variety of technical projects involving basic marine engineering and naval architecture, ship structural analysis and 3-D scanning, and basic ship design for conversion and new construction. 
Mr. Das has been an asset to the Marine Design team since May of 2013, and has played a pivotal role in advancing the progress of the company through his contributions as a Project Management Engineer and Subject Specialist. He has represented the company by demonstrating his expertise in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to customers, supplies, licensees, third party engineering firms, outside consultants, and industry associations. His expansive knowledge has helped Marine Design attract new talent and keep them through the technical and professional mentorship Mr. Das offers all junior level engineers, and open collaborations with designers/drafters interested in knowing more about the field. 
Mr. Das is highly experience in design, selection and requirements of piping, fittings, and static/rotating tanks, vessels, PLC control and automation. He also is Marine Design and Operation’s resident expert in equipment installation and associated structural foundation piping and instrumentation, and electrical power supply 
Mr Das has created concept sketches, schematics, technical specifications, engineering/construction Standard, feasibility, and Cost analyses with the associated estimated bill of materials for various projects 
Mr. Das has performed technical reviews of vendor and/or engineering firm proposals, analyses, and recommendations. He has also performed structural, heat transfer, flow rate, HVAC load, electrical load, thermal load calculations, finite elements analyses, and computation fluid dynamics. 
Mr. Das is fluent in structural and mechanical survey including the use of 3- D scanners. 
Mr. Das’s work is highlighted in the Matson CV 2600 and D7 class vessel scrubber projects, EAGLE Fleet ballast water treatment system installation project, and General Rudder system modification and Upgradation designs projects in the Marine Design project portfolio. 
Prior to joining Marine Design and Operations, Inc. Mr. Das’s experience has been international and multidimensional, which has proven to be very beneficial to our clients and Marine Design   
From January 2012 to April 2013, Mr. Das was the Mechanical/Structural Engineer for Proceanic Ltd in Texas. His responsibilities included P&ID Analysis, Machineries, and Equipment sizing and spec preparation for marine piping system. He reviewed and checked the piping layout for marine, utility, and accommodation piping systems. He performed piping stress analysis, preparation of pipe support detailing, and penetration detailing. He also was responsible for skid design analysis FEA and spreadsheet calculations, equipment supports, welding, and lifting analysis. 
From October 2008 to December 2011, Mr. Das was a Mechanical Design Engineer in Singapore for Sembcorp Marine, where he attended all technical queries and efficiently managed and resolved several applicable and relative issues that coincided with that.  He designed P& ID diagrams for various vessels’ mechanical and piping systems and implemented Piping stress analyses, Modeling & drafting of vessels’ mechanical, piping, and HVAC systems. He was responsible for on-site quality check and operations and enforced and counseled clients on HSEQ Plans and compliance. He also supported the company in procuring equipment and bulk material.
From June 2007 to October 2008, Mr. Das was an assistant engineer located at Ananda Shipyard and Shipways Ltd in Bangladesh assisting in Static and Rotating equipment sizing, PFD, P&ID drawing preparations, Valves and Fittings, field design verification, and construction support.
Mr. Das is extremely proficient in various computer programs, including the following:
• ANSYS (Structural, CFD)
• FEMAP & Nastran,
• Stadd Pro
• Casesar II
• Autocad
• Pipeflo
• Rhino
Mr. Das is a certified Engineer in Training.


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