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Current Projects



USNS SGT MATEJ KOCAK – Grounding Damage Survey

MDO, Inc. has conducted a damage  assessment survey on US Navy prepositioning vessel SGT Matej Kocak, after she went aground off coast of Okinawa, Japan in January 2015.

Our scope of work included:

  • Damage assessment survey onboard vessel after she
  • was refloated.
  • Processing diver’s survey data.
  • Assess on-site temporary repair of cargo holds, tank top,
  • and water-tight bulkheads.
  • Estimate permanent repair of shell and cargo holds in shipyard.
  • Stability and loading conditions for dry-docking and solid ballast
  • removal/re-installation.


MDO, Inc. has developed class approved drawings for upgrade of  mooring fittings on USNS MONTFORD POINT & USNS  JOHN GLENN (MOBILE LANDING PLATFORM)  for side by side mooring with LMSR.

Our scope of work included:

  • Survey onboard to determine locations of 100T SWL
  • mooring chocks & fairleads.
  • Finite element analysis of mooring fittings and deck
  • structure using NASTRAN and ALGOR.
  • Design of new custom build U-shaped mooring
  • fairlead on mission deck.
  • Detailed class approved structural drawings for installation

D7 SCRUBBER: Main Engine Installation

MDO Inc. has designed and engineered retrofit installation of Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) for US Jones Act container vessels. MDO Inc. performed engineering analysis to retrofit the scrubber system, new waste system, heat economizer and developed Structural & P&ID drawings for statutory approval and detailed construction drawings for shipyard.

Our scope of work included:

  • Designed the lay out plan of scrubber, economizer, system machineries and various tanks in the machinery spaces, engine casing and cargo hold.

  • FEA model development and structural analysis for Scrubber & Economizer installation, structural strength and buckling analysis.

  • Detailed structural and foundation drawings for new scrubber machineries and various tanks in the machinery areas and cargo hold area.

  • Re-design of stack house to accommodate new exhaust arrangement.

  • Removal plan for existing waste heat economizer and associated equipment & system piping; exhaust duct & silencers, ventilation ducts and outfitting inside engine casing.

  • P&ID drawing generated based on vendor supplied BFD & PFD and existing P&ID modification to retrofit new installation.

  • Ventilation duct routing selection, pressure drop calculation, supply fan selection, louver sizing and location selection

  • FRP-Fiberbond piping layout plan, 3d modeling, spool piece drawing for manufacturer’s shop drawing, bill of material preparation, spool piece surveying and pipe support engineering.

  • Engine/Generators’ exhaust gas pressure drop calculation to comply with engine manufacturer’s back pressure requirement verified with sub-contractor performed CFD analysis, piping sizing & routing, assistance in engineering for expansion joint & pipe support selection for the exhaust system.

  • Steam load analysis to validate selection/sizing of new waste heat economizer and sea water cooling load analysis for pump, cooler & piping sizing/selection.








Global Structural Analysis - D-7 Class Container Vessels (HORIZON ANCHORAGE/ TACOMA/ KODIAK)

MDO, Inc. performed Global Structural Finite Element Analysis of D-7 Class vessels owned by Horizon Lines, LLC; to investigate the appropriateness and soundness of the repairs that were being done to the midship section of the vessels’ longitudinal bulkheads.

Our scope of work included:

  • Created a finite element model of three cargo holds in the midship region, and beam element model for fore and aft body.

  • FEA performed based on ABS regulations.

  • Our study evaluated as-built vessel, with key interest on openings on areas of frequent cracks and fractures on longitudinal bulkhead and main deck.

  • New proposed inserts in way of these openings were considered to the global model in phase 2 study.










MV CAPE KNOX – Stern Ramp Kingpost Damage Survey and Finite Element Analysis

MV CAPE KNOX is a Ro-Ro vessel owned by US DOT-MARAD and managed by Keystone Shipping. The vessel’s port side kingpost of stern ramp experienced buckling damage after a routine operation test of the ramp. MDO, Inc. conducted a survey of the damaged kingpost to evaluate the extent of emergency repair. Later, MDO performed a study of the entire kingpost structure using finite element analysis (FEA) approach.

Our scope of work included:

  • Survey on stern ramp kingpost and emergency repair plan.
  • Finite element model of the entire kingpost in FEMAP.
  • Static and buckling analysis of kingpost under normal operation loads and failure mode loads.
  • Comparison of maximum allowable load on kingpost vs normal operation loads.
  • Recommendation of strengthening of kingpost

Hatch coaming being installed in Nantong Shipyard, China. (Pic Courtesy: Arek Gaczewski)

hatch coaming C8.jpg
C8 Class COntainer Vessel pic 1_edited.j

C8 Class Container Vessel – Design & Engineering for Cargo Hold Modifications to Carry 45ft Containers

MDO, Inc. provided design services for conversion of two cargo holds to carry 45ft containers for C-8 class Jones Act Container Vessels.  This modification allowed stowage of heavy 45ft containers below deck, improving the speed of loading at the port, better stowage arrangement, and most importantly the stability of the vessel. First of the C8 class vessel SS HORIZON PACIFIC was modified at Nantong Shipyard in China in summer of 2017.

  • Transverse watertight bulkheads not relocated.

  • Cell guides relocated and bulkhead structure reinforced.

  • Modified hatch coaming, hatch covers & box girders.

  • Finite Element Analysis for modified structure.

  • Shipyard supervision

  • Inclining Experiment after modifications

  • Revised Trim & Stability Booklet & Cargo Securing Manual.








First 45ft container being loaded to the cargo hold (Pic Courtesy: HORIZON PACIFIC)

US Jones Act Container Ship New Built – Shipyard Contract and Design Review

MDO, Inc. was owner’s agent for design review and shipyard selection for US Jones Act 3000TEU Container Vessel.  MDO Scope includes:

  • Outlining Owners Requirement Specifications

  • Review Design Documents, Concept Drawings, Specifications & Makers List from various shipyards

  • Shortlist shipyards based on Capability, Schedule, Cost, Risk and other factors.

  • Witness & Review Hull Model testing at MARIN

  • Review contract drawings & specifications








New Fire pump and Counter Measure Wash Down (CMWD) System Design for US Navy Vessel

MDO, Inc. provided engineering services for installation of additional Fire & General Service Pump and Counter Measure Wash Down (CMWD) System for a US Navy Vessel. CMWD System provides a screen of water over weather surfaces (open decks, bulkheads & side) of the vessel in the event of the chemical or biological attack. MDO Scope includes:

  • Design CMWD System to using a combination of Vessel’s Fire Main System & Fixed Drenching System

  • Review based on NSTM requirements

  • Installation details for additional Fire stations & monitors

  • Pipe Networking and Flow Analysis

  • Installation details for Fire Pump (Structural, outfitting, piping & electrical)








Heavy Lift Vessel – Ballast System Study & Modifications

MDO, Inc. was selected to study problems faced during ballasting and de-ballasting on a Heavy Lift Vessel. MDO Scope included study of following existing systems, recommendations of alternative solutions and engineering:

  • Upgrade of in-line check valves in the vent system for tanks below submerged deck

  • Modifications to Vent Drain System

  • Upgrade of TLI System

  • Installation of Sounding Tubes

  • Installation of VFD system for Ballast Pumps

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of ballast main system to determine possible erosion in the pipe bends, and recommendations to improve piping layout

  • Damage Stability Analysis of the vessel for submerged operations.








T-AGOS 19 - Liferaft & Rescue Boat Installation

MDO, Inc. provided engineering services for installation of davit launched liferafts and rescue boat to bring the vessel to rule compliance. Vessel’s lifeboats were removed in the past. Latest revision provided full compliance with CFR and IMO requirements.

MDO services included Market study, Arrangement & Layout, FEA of foundation, outfitting, electrical design and work supervision at the shipyard.








2600 TEU container Vessel DRWG.jpg

2600TEU Container Vessel – Scrubber Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering

MDO, Inc. was contracted to perform feasibility study of installation of Open-loop scrubber for US flagged 2600 TEU container vessel.

MDO did an extensive preliminary engineering as part of this task.

  • Preliminary 3-D model of engine room and casing

  • Option to route M/E only exhaust and additional A/E exhausts

  • Preliminary finite element analysis to decide foundation sizes and casing upgrades

  • Preliminary weight and stability

  • Cost estimate

  • Pressure drop calculations

MDO is currently engaged in the detailed engineering for the scrubber and new economizer installation in 2nd quarter of 2019 for first vessel in the class. Open loop scrubber is sized for M/E and A/E’s, with bypass exhaust pipes.







TAGOS 19c.png

T-AGOS 19 – CFD Analysis of SW System Piping for Erosion Prediction

MDO, Inc. conducted Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis on particle erosion for Sea Water system piping of T-AGOS 19 class vessels. The purpose of the CFD study was to detect the critical areas for erosion for facilitating the ultrasonic testing (UT) of SW piping thickness measurement. Based on the CFD results, MDO demonstrated potential erosion areas of the piping and a qualitative erosion rate of the subject area.

The commercial CFD code Ansys CFX-8.2 has been used to investigate the cause of highly localized and scattered erosion found to occur in SW piping. The motion of sand particles through this system has been predicted using an Eulerian-Lagrangian approach in conjunction with a k-ε turbulence model, and an erosion map has been developed using the Finnie erosion model. Results obtained from the CFD analysis found satisfactory as it agrees with the DNV published erosion literatures.






TAGO 19 a.jpg
TAGOS 19 b.png
tagos 16 d.png
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