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Pacific Tracker (ex. BEAVER STATE) – Conversion to Missile Tracking Vessel

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. was the design agent for this major modification of this vessel to a missile tracking vessel for the Missile Defense Agency.

Our scope of work included:

  • Structural and Eigenvalue Analysis of Antenna Support Structure.

  • Installation drawings of all structural and mechanical conversions, including structural fire protection plans for new mission specific offices and mission personnel berthing.


CANNING TIDE – Conversion of Well Stimulation Vessel

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. was the naval architects selected for design & preparation of drawings for a conversion of this Offshore Supply Vessel to a well stimulation support vessel.

Our scope of work included:

  • Analysis of 4-point mooring system.

  • Installation design of winches supporting platform as per analysis above.

  • Installation design of new crane and A-frame.

  • Installation design of diving support equipment and hose handling equipment.

  • Including component, frame and stability booklet





















Failure Analysis and Design Enhancement Study -BP FPSO Articulated Gangway & Robert H. BOH AFT Landing Platform

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. was selected for a design analysis and to prepare recommendations for design modifications of this articulated gangway for personnel transit between the FPSO and the accommodation vessel.


SAN JUAN RAMP PONTOON – Design of Ro/Ro Floating Ramp

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. carried out full design of this three level floating ramp for RO/RO cargo operations off the Trailer Bridge triple deck ocean going barge.



  • Vessel Type: Three 900 TEU Container Ships

  • Shipyard: Fincantieri

  • Client: Chiquita Brands International 

  • (Vessels ultimately acquired by Dole)

MDO Inc. Participation: MDO, Inc. prepared preliminary design studies and outline bid documents for new class of fully refrigerated self-sustaining containerships. Vessel contract design was developed jointly with Italian shipyard. MDO, Inc. participated in review of all technical documentation and negotiations for construction contract.

SELF-UNLOADING COAL CARRIER – Owner’s Representation

  • Vessel Type:115,000 ton dwt self-unloading Integrated Tug-Barge Unit

  • Shipyard: Hyundai, Korea

  • Owner: Hanjin Transportation Co

MDO Inc. Participation: MDO, Inc. provided detailed design approval, Owner's representation and shipyard inspection during vessel construction.


  • Vessel Type:Diesel propelled RO/RO Vessel

  • Shipyard:North Florida Shipyard

  • Owner:Maritime Administration

MDO Inc. Participation: MDO, Inc. developed detailed engineering plans and specifications for the removal of hoistable car decks and adding three new fixed Ro/Ro decks for carriage of military vehicles. MDO also provided engineering support to vessel operator during on-site conversion and post conversion.


  • Vessel Type: Roll-on Roll-off

  • Shipyard: Bender

  • Owner: US Maritime Administration

MDO Inc. Participation: MDO, Inc. carried out feasibility and preliminary design studies for addition of an additional deck (Spar Deck) to two existing Ro-Ro vessels, to substantially increase cargo vehicle stowage. MDO, Inc. prepared all contract drawings and technical specifications for vessel conversion, and carried out approval of shipyard detailed plans and inspection on behalf of owner.

BERING SEA: Re-engineering and JAK coupling modification

Tug BERING SEA owned and operated by K-SEA Transportation was upgraded with new main engines, CAT 3512 and JAK-200 ATB coupling system.

MDO, Inc. was responsible for the engineering design for the modifications and ABS approved drawings.

Our scope of work included:

  • Structural drawings for vessel bow interface for JAK coupling.

  • Design of new main engine and diesel generator foundations

  • New engine system drawings

  • Design of Tug-Barge access platform Inclining experiment and Trim and Stability Booklet.

MARAD DAO – JRRF: RRF Fleet Porting Study

MDO, Inc. has conducted a fleet porting feasibility study of 16 Ready Reserve Fleet (RRF) vessels for James River Reserve Fleet.

Our scope of work included:

  • Mooring analysis of sixteen (16) RRF vessels in seven (7) nests anchored to existing plate anchors using OPTIMOOR.

  • Plot plan of the fleet with detailed material list for mooring.

  • Access plan between ships and from transport vessel to nest.

  • Recommendations on transport crafts within JRRF.

  • Recommendations on vessel alarms, communication systems.

  • Estimate on crane barge conversion for the fleet.

  • Overall cost estimate of the fleet porting.









PACIFIC COLLECTOR - Range Safety System (RSS) Installation

MDO was responsible for providing engineering and naval architecture services to develop a complete set of ABS approved drawings as well as shipyard installation specifications (including construction drawings) for the modifications of the PACIFIC COLLECTOR to install the new Range Safety System (PCRSS).

Our scope of work included:

  • Update Electrical Load Analysis (ELA) and Electrical One Line Diagram (EOL) for the vessel.

  • Engineering for converting crew recreation area to RSS room.

  • FEA of TTS radome foundation & RSS Antenna, and engineering drawings.

  • Short circuit analysis, voltage drop calculations for the modified EOL









Past Projects

CAPE RISE/RACE/RAY – Installation of New Stern Ramp

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. was the design agent for installation of new slewing stern ramps for this class of RO/RO vessels.

Our scope of work included:

  • Static and dynamic calculations of the forces imposed by the new ramps including calculations of required structure in way of the ship / ramp and ramp equipment interface.
  • Longitudinal strength and stability calculation in view of the added weights.
  • Design of all structural, mechanical and electrical modifications and calculations and summary of added weights.
  • Dead weight survey & calculations of Trim and Stability loading cases for preparation of new T&S manuals, and revisions to the vessels CargoMax T&S programs.
  • Preparation of initial feasibility study.
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