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Mr. Gaczewski is one of the Principals of Marine Design and Operations, Inc. He is involved in a variety of technical projects involving basic naval architecture, ship structural analysis, and basic ship design for conversion and new construction.


Mr. Gaczewski has been involved with several projects as on-site steel inspector for Horizon Lines, Navieras, MARAD and others. His on-site work includes supervision of work according to specifications, surveys, and identifying emergent work and writing specifications and preparing fabrication drawings. He is also able to perform structural analysis of emergent work and engineer the most efficient repair or design change in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Mr. Gaczewski has been involved in the design process of structural modifications of various container, RO/RO, oil tankers, chemical carriers and bulk carriers, specifically in new container stowage arrangement, new heavy vehicles decks, cargo booms and booms supports.


Mr. Gaczewski creates and modifies Trim & Stability Booklets, Grain Stability Booklets, Container Stowage Manuals, and Mooring Plans, Vessel General Arrangements, Capacity Plans, Master Conversion Plans and Specifications.


Mr. Gaczewski performs FEM analysis for large and complexes structures such as new heavy vehicles decks for car carrier to small and detailed elements such as deck socket reinforcements and buckling stability of cargo boom.


Mr. Gaczewski is responsible for designing and preparing drawings in accordance with Class, U.S.C.G and SOLAS requirements and getting necessary approvals.


Prior to joining Marine Design and Operations, Inc. Mr. Gaczewski's experience included:

Part-time draftsperson and research assistant for Marine Technology Department at GDANSK POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (1984-1988) - Participated in building and testing of ship model with new steering system and taking part in model testing in Poland, and as a Structural Welder and fitter at GDANSK SHIPYARD (1980-1981) Poland


Mr. Gaczewski graduated from the State University of New York Maritime College with a Bachelors Degree of Engineering in Naval Architecture (with distinction) in 1998. Mr. Gaczewski also attended Gdansk Polytechnic University (1981-1988) Shipbuilding Department. During the nine semesters completed there his curriculum emphasized construction, structures and ship design, propeller and basics of ship equipment, machinery, and engine design.


Mr. Gaczewski is extremely proficient in computer applications. He is well versed in MS Office, Windows, Basic Programming, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Hecsalv, Nautilus, NavCAD and ALGOR FEM.


Mr. Gaczewski is a licensed Professional Engineer by the State of NY - License Number 08148.

Mr. Gaczewski is a member of the Society of Naval Architects.


Cell: 347-385-1807

Arkadiusz (Arek) Gaczewski, PE

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